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Trade Your Junk Car for Cash in Your Hand!

Who Are We?

Located in Indio, California, Cash for Cars Indio buys old junk automobiles. We take all types of vehicles - trucks, vans, cars, etc, and we don't care what condition they are in. Whether an automobile was flooded, wrecked, burned, or just plain won't run anymore, we can haul it off and pay cash for it.

Why We Do It?

We know many people have junk cars that they feel stuck with. These cars are taking up space, they're an eyesore, and they're a liability on your property. Selling them for parts can take months, and it's a hassle! Trying to find someone who salvages damaged vehicles is time-consuming, and towing costs money.

We know there is a need for a company that can get rid of these junk automobiles safely and hassle-free, and we can pay you to get rid of the clunker vehicle. In some cases, we resell the spare parts or are able to sell the car. However, for cars that are completely unable to salvage, Cash for Cars Indio is a part of an automobile recycling program that safely recycles old car parts and frames in a way that is safe for the environment. We are proud that we can provide a valuable service to our customers while also doing our part to help the environment!

How Does It Work?

This is the easy part - you just give us a call or fill out our contact form. One of our staff will get the information about the vehicle and give you a payment quote. Then we will work with you to schedule a time when we can pick up the car, and one of our techs will come out, appraise the vehicle, and haul it away after putting the cash in your hand! It's easy, efficient, and everyone wins!